How to Grow Your Own House?
Find an Ideal Design
Find an Ideal Design
For most people, the building of a country house is the project of a life time. During this process it is very important to choose the right layout of the house.

To begin with, it is necessary to identify personal preferences, choose a model, and outline a realistic budget for a wooden house. It is important to realize what the house is going to be for: either for a family to live in, or merely as a summer country house, or even a retirement house for your parents. If it is a home for elderly parents, then a bungalow is the most suitable type of house. One of the advantages of such a construction is its simplicity:  it is easy to build and, subsequently, to repair. They are also very economical to build. A wooden house with mansards is suitable for big families since they contain no less than four rooms. The two-floor houses have all the advantages of mansard homes in the layout of living area and storage space. They are a common choice for families. Rovaniemi also offers turn-key wooden houses to its clients. The cost of building a house depends on the particular model and which materials are chosen.

Your Choice is Wood
Your Choice is Wood
It is desirable that the house does not in any way disturb the idyllic atmosphere of the surrounding countryside, and that it merges into the original beauty of the environs. It might seem strange, but the walls of a log house influence our perception of it. Finnish cottages have a special aura around them which is transmitted to the people living in them.

Wood is a living material that stores the warmth inside when it is cold outside, and maintains a level of coolness when the heat is unbearable outside. If you have a preference for one of the dream houses to be found in fairy stories, then your choice has to be a wooden log house. If you are looking for non-standard solutions, then you can choose a house made from Golden pine and dry ‘Dead Standing’ Kelo pine. During the manufacturing process, these trees do not undergo mechanical processing, and therefore retain all their natural qualities.  Nowadays, the construction of wooden houses out of round or square logs is a widely spread phenomenon. The advantage of a glued laminated log is that, after sawing, the log loses the inner pressure of timber, and, as a result, the log does not crack or become deformed at a later date. To those who prefer traditional forms, Rovaniemi offers a laminated round log. It is the latest trend in wooden house building. Today, it is especially popular to construct houses according to the Finnish technological methods of construction. Finnish wooden houses are a symbol of high quality and long standing traditions of wooden house building.

Which Company to Choose?
Which Company to Choose?
If you have decided to buy a wooden house then you need to choose a reliable company, taking into account the experience the company has of working on the market, as well as the professionalism and high level of qualification of its specialists. But one also needs to bear in mind the promptness with which the company is able to solve problems that can occur during the construction process.

Finland is currently the leader in the latest technologies and a trendsetter in the construction of wooden houses. 40% of Finnish industry works for the Russian countryside property market. And it is not surprising that, in the last few years, the volume is increasing due to the rapidly developing market. The best Finnish houses are those from Lapland. The average price for one of these houses is on a par with the average price of a Finnish wooden house. Homes from laminated logs are especially popular.   When one chooses a company, some of the things that need to be taken into account are its reputation, the number of successfully completed projects and, in addition, it is also important to listen how company specialists communicate with each other. It is, of course, more convenient to work with companies which offer turn-key houses. Extensive experience in house construction, constant contact with the client, and the ability to listen and hear are the main features which distinguish Rovaniemi from other companies. It is easy to build a house with Rovaniemi! House sales are possible in any part of Russia.

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