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The Individuality of Your Home
The Individuality of Your Home
The choice of materials depends on the client’s personal preferences, the budget and the purpose of the future home.

Round log timber is chosen by lovers of classical wooden homes. It is pleasing to the eye and looks very Russian. A lot of people choose laminated squared timber, which does not change its form during processing. It does not crack, has a higher durability and better capacity for the storage of warmth. In addition, the outer surfaces are of higher quality, there is a minimal shrinkage level, and the time required for the construction of a house is shorter than with other types of log. Finnish houses made from squared timber are very popular. Those who like the rounded shapes of traditional massive timber usually choose glued laminated logs, which have all the advantages of laminated squared timber and, at the same time, even has the ideal form of whole logs.

The Rovaniemi specialists will select material which will not only be suitable to the architectural design of your home, and will underline individuality of your home, but will also take into account all the preferences including the climate conditions of a concrete place.

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Materials for Any Taste
Materials for Any Taste
Rovaniemi offers a wide range of high quality materials, from traditional and highly technological to exclusive materials which are otherwise rarities on the Russian market.

Rovaniemi offers all different types of building timber that are known in the wooden house building industry, such as rounded logs, chinking square timber, laminated square logs and laminated round logs. This is alongside two exclusive materials, the famous Golden pine and dry ‘dead standing’ pine KELO.

Rovaniemi materials have a wide line of typo sizes. Customers can select the most suitable size according to their house specification and price. House building according to the Finnish manufacturing standards dictates that in different climatic conditions different materials of different sizes will be used. For example, for severe climates Rovaniemi has developed glued laminated logs with the size of 240 mm by 270 mm containing 8 laminated parts glued together. Houses built from such logs are suitable for living in the most severe climatic conditions. It will be warm and comfortable in such houses even when the temperature outside is very low indeed.

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The Best Building Material
The Best Building Material
Wood is the best building material that has been given to the human being by nature. Rovaniemi materials possess unique qualities and are ecologically friendly.

A wooden house is not just a building, but is a whole world created in order to live in. Rovaniemi is there in order to help you to create such a world unique to yourself. Not everyone can live in an ecologically clean environment, and therefore the opportunity to do so is increasingly vital for people in the modern world. The same requirements are expected from the timber that is used in the construction of houses. Rovaniemi wooden houses are hand crafted by authentic masters from the genuine Lapland pine called ‘green gold’.

Due to the special structure of the wood substance, the moisture content and the oxygen level are balanced at the right level in the house. The timber also has the capability to disinfect the air and prevents air pollutants from entering the house.

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