Aito Log Houses

Quality Log Houses from Finland

Aito Log Houses is a producer of authentic wooden houses from Finnish Lapland. Aito Log Houses is the leader in the cutting edge technologies and expertise in log design. Our technical innovations and strive for impeccable quality have together allowed for a strong expansion of our export. Today Aito Log Houses delivers log houses worldwide. Our dedicated log home dealers are situated around Europe. The head office of the company is located in the city of Rovaniemi, Lapland, the most Northern province of Finland.

When you have decided to build a wooden house, you need to choose a reliable supplier. Aito’s expertise will guarantee your full satisfaction!

We offer at your service the experience and knowledge of our team of engineers in order to produce your tailor made dream house. It is simple and easy to build a house with Aito Log Houses!

Log House project 'Helios' by Rovaniemi Log House.

Finnish log house collection

Aito’s log house collection includes cosy log houses, spacious wooden homes and cabins, as well as grandeur mansions. Small, medium or large – we design our log houses to provide natural comfort in a safe environment of the Finnish log. We can modify all of our log house plans to meet your special requests, ideas and location. In addition to our existing log house models, we offer our wooden house design services to produce unique wooden homes, built from the ground up to suit your needs.

We have an effective team of professionals whose skills and experience guarantee successful and efficient work with our clients. We will be happy to assist you at all stages of the construction process, from the first design drafts, to the delivery and the assembly of a finished house. Let’s get in touch!

Wooden materials from Lappish nature

Wood is an excellent material for building residential homes, leisure houses and summer cottages. The pine trees, our main material, grow very slowly in Lapland.  This slow growing process makes the wood very dense. Therefore, a wooden house is designed to last! Lapland is one of the world’s cleanest areas, and our wood is a truly ecological and renewable option. We apply PEFC-standards for our wooden materials and all of our wooden houses are CE-certified.

For our log house construction, we use modern laminated squared logs and highly durable cross-laminated log. Log thickness varies according to the taste and climate. Rest assured that a Finnish wooden house will withstand even the most harsh weather conditions! Whichever wooden material you choose, with Finnish log your house will certainly look beautiful and pleasing.