Bourgeois is a massive 3 floor house. It is similar to our Greek project in terms of design,  as it is  inspired by the stony Mediterranean coast. The perimeter of the house is only 9 x 11 m. And despite the fact that this house doesn’t seem that large, it has been possible to fit everything necessary for comfortable living in there, including a garage for 2 cars, 4 bedrooms and a few spacious rooms for general use as well. According to the name of the house, a well-off family would not feel constrained in this space. The first floor of the Bourgeois house is made of stone, whilst the second and third floors are made with traditional Rovaniemi laminated logs. The Velux windows in the mansard are installed into the roof of the house above the bedrooms and are designed to give extra light.
  • Hausfläche: 265,8 m2
  • Nutzfläche: 198,7 m2
  • Terrassen und Balkons: 33 m2
  • Abmessungen: 9 x 11 m

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