Greek House

Greek House is another 3 floored house in our vast collection. It was designed especially for Greece, but would also fit organically into a European landscape. Greece is famous for its tradition of large, noisy and rather closely-knit families. One of the most important tasks of an architect becomes the creation of many spacious areas with a house. The Greek project was designed for a very uneven landscape, and this disadvantage of the Greek landscape is exploited to its maximum and turned into an advantage. Taking into account this topographical detail, the stone lower floor was connected to a wooden second and third floor. As a result, this house is a successful example of a building based on contrast. On the lower stone floor, there are rooms for technical use.
  • Hausfläche: 308,5 m2
  • Nutzfläche: 228,8 m2
  • Terrassen und Balkons: 44,5 m2
  • Abmessungen: 9 x 11 m

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