Harmony G

The Harmony G house has an original and interesting design which differs from others in that is consists of straight lines, laconic geometric forms and has a rather monolithic character. Harmony G houses are designed in a recently fashionable style which is known as Scandinavian Constructivism. The obligatory features of this architectural style are things such as the simplicity of lines, the absence of fussy details in both outer and inner decorations, and the configuration of inner rooms in relation to clearly visible axis. This house therefore diverges from the norm in that the design is made up of strict geometric forms and contains a few very functional modules which can be used at the discretion of the client. Scandinavian Constructivism has its own unique requirements over the materials employed in construction. Simplicity is the main idea behind it all, and it is mainly glass, stone and wood that are used. The usage of the latter is unusual but is quite justified. Timber is a traditional building material in the Northern regions and modern science made it quite practicable due to the new technique of gluing together wooden laminates. As a result, the appearance of the Harmony G house seems to bring together elements that don’t naturally go together, ice with fire, cold glass with warm wood.
  • Hausfläche: 810 m2
  • Nutzfläche: 606 m2
  • Terrassen und Balkons: 204 m2
  • Abmessungen: 27 х 36,3 m

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