One of the latest tendencies in the world of the countryside construction is building of social buildings from wood, which has the most valuable construction and technical characteristics. The experience of using timber, a unique building material, is counted by centuries. The high competitive ability of wooden constructions was always due to the unique qualities of timber such as ecological cleanness, simplicity of mechanical processing, small volume weight. And as a result, it is simple to transport and assemble wooden constructions. Also the wooden constructions have smaller amount of pressure on the foundation of a house in comparison with stone buildings. The Symphony townhouse combines 8 flats and designed in such a way that every square metre is used to its maximum. Convenient and compact planning of premises, functionality and ability to choose a flat of your preferences are obvious advantages of this project.
  • Hausfläche: 406,5 m2
  • Nutzfläche: 359,16 m2
  • Terrassen und Balkons: 0 m2
  • Abmessungen: 24 x 14,2 m2

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