The Charisma house has a unique character and carries its name proudly. An attentive observer will notice echoes of certain Japanese motifs that were influential on the architect during the process of designing this house. As a result, there is roof on two levels, a large number of glass partitions and a spacious summer terrace.The spatial centre of this light, single storey house, which is also the spiritual core, is a square living room with an area of 31 sq m. The life of the house takes place in this room and it is sure to become the place where both the inhabitants and their guests gather together. The second level is very original and the large windows leading out onto a terrace solve the problem of lighting the house whilst, at the same time, put the accent on a natural light source for the house.
  • : 177,9 m2
  • : 127,4 m2
  • : 50,5 m2
  • : 12,8 x 13,8 m

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