Swedish House

Swedish House was so named due to its functionality and spatial capacity. The house is fully equipped for all year round living, has several bedrooms, and large recreation area and terraces. The house is symmetrical and its proportions are well-balanced. The architectural ideas expressed in this house all relate to both simplicity of Scandinavian design and spaciousness. The huge window of the two-floored living room blurs the border between the internal space and the surrounding landscape. The internal wooden stairway is an essential element of the house design. The first floor has a sauna and a shower, which are situated next to the guest room. The 35 sq m living room is very spacious, as well as the kitchen-dining room which occupies 30 sq m. There are three bedrooms on the second floor. Next to the main bedroom of 20 sq m is a cloakroom (10 sq m). The two other bedrooms, almost equal in size (14 and 15 sq m), have an exit out onto a balcony.
  • Total house area: 260 m2
  • Total living area: 217 m2
  • Balcony and terraces: 51,9 m2
  • House dimensions: 13,2 x 11,9 m

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