Log house duo Helios & Aura

Log house Helios

Helios is a luxurious Finnish log house with a majestic appearance. It is designed for a modern dweller who doesn’t want to compromise even at his rural retreat. In spite of an impressive total house area of 657 m2 it still has a compact appearance and fits nicely into the landscape. This particular Helios cottage is constructed in the middle of the pine forest outside St. Petersburg, Russia. A gentle but effective lacquer finish provides protection for the wooden surface, while still retaining the natural texture of the wood. This helps the cottage blend well into the scenery. It is a spacious residence that will fit up to 12 guests simultaneously, as the design allows for the construction of up to 6 bedrooms. The living space is used with maximum efficiency, while still enabling room for comfortable relaxation. An impressive living room is brightly illuminated by the windows on the first and second floors and provides a perfect space for conversations and games.

Bedroom inside 'Helios' wooden cottage by Rovaniemi
Bedroom inside ‘Helios’ wooden cottage, delivered in and built in Russia by Rovaniemi Log House.

Beautiful treated squared logs serve as a natural decoration for the grandiose living room and provide purified and energised air inside the house. Adjacent to the living room is a cosy dining room and a modern, functional kitchen. while 2 of the bedrooms are situated downstairs, the upstairs holds the remaining 4 bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own private bathroom and the upstairs bedrooms additionally have a large wardrobe room. The upstairs features a balcony, which enables a view into the living room. A large terrace runs outside the perimeter of the cottage, providing enough space for all the desired outdoor activities. Helios can be constructed from a large number of wooden materials, available through Rovaniemi Log House. The log house will serve for many years as a comfortable home for a happy family!

Living room inside 'Helios' wooden house cottage
Living room inside ‘Helios’ wooden house cottage, built by Rovaniemi Log House.

Aura Sauna house

Aura is an impressive bathing centre which consists of several saunas, swimming pool, showers and spacious rest areas. It can be built on its own, however, it works best as an adjacent structure to the main residential building, such as Helios. This Aura projects features a classic Finnish sauna, made out of Lappish pine log, and a Turkish Hammam steam bath, decorated with a dignified marble and tiles — excellent bathing choices to choose from!

'Aura' – Wooden house with saunas and pool
‘Aura’ wooden spa house’ exterior – inside are two saunas and small pool.

Swimming pool will bring the long-awaited refreshment to the body after a steamy stay in the sauna. It is equipped with a counter-current mechanism which can be used for water massage or for exercises in swimming on the spot. Spacious living room is built as a natural continuation of the swimming pool room and serves as a cosy rest area for the guests after or in the middle of bathing activities. Adjacent is a kitchen, which will provide the so-much-needed refreshments and snacks after the bath. One of key features of Aura is an impressive front terrace with size of 105 m2, which enables a breathtaking panoramic view of the area and brings enjoyment of fresh air and outdoor activities. Second floor of the building features one cosy guest bedroom, decorated in a rustique style. with all the mentioned amenities Aura will serve as an ideal retreat that will relax your body, refresh your senses, and re-enersize your spirit!

'Aura' – wooden house with spa and pool inside
‘Aura’ – wooden house with spa and pool inside, by Rovaniemi Log House.

Helios cottage and Aura sauna house provide a prefect match for each other, and are situated nearby at this property. However, these houses can be built on their own, or paired with another house from our log house collection.

'Helios' and 'Aura' house panorama
‘Helios’ and ‘Aura’ house ensemble, built by Rovaniemi Log House.

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