Log house materials from Finland

Wood is a living material that stores the warmth inside when it is cold outside, and maintains a level of coolness when the heat is unbearable outside. A house built from natural materials is very comfortable to live in all seasons and one of the main reasons why wood construction is becoming more and more popular. Finnish wooden houses are a symbol of high quality and long standing traditions of wooden house building.

Aito Log Houses in Finland offers a wide range of exclusive and high quality materials.

Aito Log Houses offers a wide range of log house materials. During the manufacturing process, these trees do not undergo mechanical processing, and therefore retain all their natural qualities.

The best building material

Wood is excellent construction material, at the same time lightweight and solid; wood allows a big variety of architectural solutions. It´s also an ecological choice: renewable, recyclable and low energy consuming. The CO2 balance of wood is the best of all construction materials and building more from wood would help reducing CO2 emissions and contribute to save our planet. Wood is the construction material of the future!

Lappish forests are the source for our ecological log house materials.
Finnish forests are the source for our ecological log house materials.

Health and well-being

Wood has a capacity to regulate ideal moisture content inside of the house and contribute to better inside air quality. Finnish pinewood also contains essential oil, which in addition to its slight and pleasant scent, has also virtues to our health due to its antibacterial qualities. Log house is a natural choice for those who consider the health is an important issue.

Material for every taste

Aito Log Houses offers a full range of log profiles and sizes. Customers can select the most suitable size according to their house specification, climate conditions and budget. For example, for severe climates Aito Log Houses has developed glued laminated logs with the size of 240 mm by 270 mm. Houses built from such logs are suitable for living in the most severe climatic conditions.

The choice of materials depends on the client’s personal preferences, the budget and the purpose of the future home.

Laminated square logs allow modern and contemporary pure wooden architecture and therefore is choice to urban environment.

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