KELO pine is a very special material. It comes exclusively from Arctic region in the vicinity of the Arctic Circle where pinewood grows very slowly due to the very low temperatures. Due to the severe climatic conditions and its slow rate of growth, KELO possesses a high level of timber density and is highly resistant to environment influences. When pine reaches a certain age, the needles and branches fall off and the root system stops receiving the necessary nutrition. Finally, the tree dries out but remains standing and the tree dries out in a ‘dead standing’ position. Exposure to the sun and rain will transform the surface to silver grey colour.

We handcraft the KELO pines to construct very exclusive and luxurious chalets with old wood look. KELO round logs are non-calibrated and each piece has its original dimensions and surface texture. Logs are assembled in irregular way to create the walls.

KELO is the most exclusive and luxurious material in wood building!

The advantages of KELO pine:

  • Unique and exclusive Alpine style chalets with rustic old wood look
  • Dried pine undergoes no manufacturing processing and therefore KELO preserves all its natural attributes
  • No outside or inside treatment (paintings, etc.) is required. Superb silver grey colour will stay unchanging.

Photos of a log house made of KELO pine that Rovaniemi Log House has delivered to Swedish Lapland.