The laminated round log combines all of the qualities of laminated logs with the charm of the round forms of traditional massive logs. This material is both durable and ecological.

The laminated round log is a gift for those who like the appearance of round logs but are not satisfied by its technical characteristics. In a similar way to the laminated squared log, the laminated round log is manufactured by gluing a few (from two to eight) pieces to a log which has been previously sawn. Gluing is done in a special hydraulic press by using ultra-resistant glue that allows the infiltrating capabilities of the timber. Houses built from this material are in harmony with nature and transfer this harmony to its inhabitants.

The main advantage of laminated round log:

  • Fast assembly due to pieces manufactured with high precision.
  • Lamination process stabilise the wood, logs don’t deform of twist
  • Solidity and strength
  • Perfect moisture control during drying process
  • Less cracks on surface compared to massive logs
  • Less and limited settling compared to massive logs
  • Very high precision of milling and dimensions