Sustainable management and high technology

Our company uses the latest log house production technologies. We have a control over complete manufacturing process in our factory starting from purchase of raw materials, coming from forests near the factory, exploited following the sustainable forest management standards. Sustainable exploitation contributes to preservation of forest patrimony for next generations.

Today, thanks to responsible forest management, Finland counts more forest surface than 100 years ago.

Aito Log Houses uses the latest manufacturing technologies, which enable to obtain highly precise milling and efficient production. Our strict quality control guarantees perfect result and full customer satisfaction. Aito Log Houses are the very best from Finland.

Finland's wooden production technologies are some of the best in the world.
Finland’s wooden production technologies are some of the most modern and best in the world.

Drying and Processing

After sawing, wood is dried in computer guided drying chambers in order to get optimal moisture rate before laminating. Next, wood goes through quality control to detect any faults or defects. We select only best parts to make logs. Wood is laminated in hydraulic press by using ultra-resistant glue, which conserves wood fibers natural filtering capacity. We test a sample piece of each lamination series, which is exposed to high-pressure in testing chamber to verify perfect gluing result. We want to guarantee durability and solidity of our product.

Wooden houses from Finland are not only well built and durable but pleasant on the eye and ecologically friendly. The Finnish method of house manufacture consists in not only the use of first class materials but also a unique technological process of drying and processing timber. As a result, a house built from such material is extra resistant to climatic influence and has a long life.

Wooden materials drying at a log house factory.
Wooden materials drying at a log house factory.

Full Compliance with Quality Standards

The full cycle of timber processing is carried out with the latest modern equipment in factory in Finland.

The manufacture of a wooden house assumes the prior processing of materials with highly technological modern equipment under strict regulations and in compliance with all international quality standards.

Aito’s Finnish wooden houses undergo the strictest quality control. The newest precision equipment, highly qualified personnel, the introduction of new technologies, alongside an accumulation of worldwide experience in the processing of timber provide everything that is needed to produce products of the highest quality, in compliance with international standards of quality.