Arizona is house that is inspired by the american laid-back style of living and wooden construction. Yet, it is a 100% Finnish wooden house in terms of quality, construction and materials.  The architecture of this house is a bit unusual for Europe, but if you like originality, that might be a choice of you! A wide roofed terrace that runs for the whole facade of the house, is both comfortable and practical. It can be a great place to spend some evenings and enjoy the sunset. The construction of the house allows for many different design decisions with the interiors of the bedrooms. A large living / dining room allows a lot of light and space inside, as the living room is situated on the two levels. Living room allows for installation of a fireplace. On the first floor there is a rest room (or a guest room), joined to the living room, which leads into a sauna block, shower, toilet and changing room. The main part of the house is connected to the roofed garage, which can fit two cars. Second floor contains a large bedroom with a cloak room, two bedrooms of smaller size, a big light-filled toilet and a balustrade which opens onto the living room.
  • : 284,7 m2
  • : 199,7 m2
  • : 48,9 m2
  • : 17,5 x 12 m

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