This house is of an average size and is distinguished by its simple and austere outline. At the same time, it looks very attractive, due to the economy of line of its architectural structure. It is an excellent place for a family of 3 - 4 people to relax in the countryside. On the first floor there is a spacious area consisting of a kitchen-living room, a large billiards room and a sauna with a shower. On the second floor there are 2 bedrooms and a spacious hall with an opening onto a balcony. The presence of the second storey adds a sense of spaciousness. Overlapping the second floor would make it possible to create an extra room on the second floor.
  • : 202,4 m2
  • : 178,1 m2
  • : 24,3 m2
  • : 13,5 x 9,7 m

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