Amber House

The main advantages of the Amber house are its outstanding exterior, a large number of premises for various functions, and the possibility of flexibility over the purpose of each room. The entrance of the house leads straight into a spacious and remarkable living room that is bathed in light from the large windows that are located on the front façade. On the first floor, there is a well-spaced living room with a fire place, a kitchen-dining room, a study, a room for a children’s nanny, a sauna with shower blocks, a leisure room and a domestic room. On the second floor there are several large bedrooms useful for accommodating not only the owners but their guests as well.
  • Total house area: 513 m2
  • Total living area: 398,9 m2
  • Balcony and terraces: 103,5 m2
  • House dimensions: 21,5 x 15,4 m

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