Azimuth is a classic Finnish house. In spite of its small size it is suitable enough for a small family. It is totally suitable for all-year-round living, as there is a kitchenette, household room with a shower, living room and even a terrace. Rather spacious bedroom on the second floor can be divided into two smaller bedrooms meaning that the house can accommodate for a possible addition to the family! A second bathroom can also be fitted upstairs. Azimuth also makes an ideal summer cottage where one can spent months without the need to resort to one's main residence. Optionally, it can be a guest house alongside a bigger house. Its footprint is small and with house dimensions of 6 x 7,8 meters it can fit on almost any plot.
  • Total house area: 81,1 m2
  • Total living area: 59,5 m2
  • Balcony and terraces: 21,6 m2
  • House dimensions: 6,0 x 7,8 m

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