This spacious, three-storey house possesses the sort of bright individuality that always stands out and makes people take notice. It can blend into even the most complex landscapes and will still look harmonious on a plot of land with any type of surroundings.The many and different windows fill the internal spaces with light and add a sense of spaciousness to them. A large terrace on the second floor is a wonderful place to enjoy the sunset, watch the sunrise, study the stars or even just to feel gusts of refreshing wind on the face. In the Gorki project everything is thought out down to the tiniest detail, and therefore the spacious area of the house is used to its maximum effect. This house is fully equipped for all year round living away from the bustle of the city.
  • : 867,3 m2
  • : 659,3 m2
  • : 208 m2
  • : 28,5х21,6 m

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