The Jazz house is neat and refined and is perfectly suited for a small family. It is an ideal choice for living in the countryside. Everything that is necessary for comfortable living is to be found here, and, as such, could almost be considered as an alternative to an apartment in a city. It was designed to have three bedrooms in the house, one of which is on the first floor and the other two are on the second floor. The active day area, despite its compactness, has specially demarcated zones within it. These are a square kitchen front with a free-standing cooker, a dining room that is accentuated by the inclusion of a large oriel window, and a living room with an exit to a terrace.
  • : 189,6 m2
  • : 157,7 m2
  • : 31,9 m2
  • : 14,1 x 12,9 m

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