Inspiration for this project comes from Kamchatka Peninsula, an immensely beautiful area in Russia's far east, covered with volcanoes and lakes. It symbolises for us the charm of the wild nature, as well as the resistance to harsh environment. Kamchatka is a project that will satisfy even the most demanding owner, as it has everything one needs for all-year-round living, even in the distance from the dwellings. The house spans over 4 storeys. The ground floor features a gym, billiard room, hall and rest room. First floor has as comfortable kitchen/dining room, spacious living room, a fireplace room, terrace and even a winter garden, which spans over 2 storeys and offers a lot of light for the plants. Second floor houses and enormous master bedroom with a cloakroom, totalling at 40 sq m. There is another spacious bedroom with an access to the balcony, as well as a bigger balcony, which enables the 270 degree view over the area. The top floor has different amenities for both working at home and resting, a playing room and a balcony. The project allows many ways for personalisation.
  • : 733,6 m2
  • : 586,6 m2
  • : 75,6 m2
  • : 18,5 x 21,7 m

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