This house originates from a traditional northern house idea. Rectangular area covered by a two-sloped roof – what can be more simple and functional for snowy northern climate? The house has entrance and exit from both sides. The main entrance is located on the terrace and leads to a spacious living-room combined with a kitchen. A big bedroom can be found on the first floor. All other rooms traditionally have social and utility functions. Restroom is also found there. Mainly private rooms are located on the second floor: two bedrooms, a spacious cabinet and a bathroom. The balcony above the main entrance can be accessed from the master bedroom. You can have a breath of healthy air at any weather. The garage adjoined to the house can be reached both from the terrace and the storage room. This house was built in the Netherlands by our partner Lapp House company.
  • : 243 m2
  • : 220,9 m2
  • : 22,1 m2
  • : 14,07 x 12,12 m

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