Scandinavia MK

Scandinavia MK is one of Rovaniemi’s most popular projects. Due to its large and panoramic windows it is very bright and spacious. For cloudy days the architects came up with an interesting element that creates a special feature in the house: transparent roofing on the roof overhang serves as an extra source of light in the house. Its giant terrace that stretches over two sides of the house creates extra comfort for its owners and is a wonderful place for taking leisurely cups of tea with the family on warm summer evenings. It is one of the key features which differentiate it from the Scandinavia project. Two of the advantages of the Scandinavia MK house are its functionality and comfort for living. It was designed for people who prefer resting peacefully in the country surrounded by family and friends. The house is equally suitable for all year round residence or as a summer cottage. The success of the Scandinavia MK house is based on the economy of its external appearance, its clean silhouette and its universality.
  • Total house area: 319 m2
  • Total living area: 243 m2
  • Balcony and terraces: 76 m2
  • House dimensions: 14,5 x 16,7 m

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