Summer House

Summer House (total area 123 sq m and dimensions ~ 12.8 x 12.85 m) is ideal for those who are weary of the straight lines and angles so prevalent in urban landscapes. This house is unusual for a wooden construction. In order to avoid regular corners, a unique design method has been employed. The diagonal parts of the walls are constructed as part of the frame along with the insulating material. Although the house is not big, it has everything that is necessary for a family of 3 people to live there comfortably. There are two bedrooms, a study, a spacious living room (including a fireplace) which opens out onto the terrace, and a kitchen which is combined with a dining room. There is also a sauna with a shower, and a rest room. This kind of house will blend comfortably into any landscape, whether it is a pine forest, the hilly landscape, or near a lake or a river.
  • : 145,2 m2
  • : 119,8 m2
  • : 25,4 m2
  • : 12,9 x 12,9 m

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