This is a typical Finnish house. The main characteristics of a Finnish house are their pragmatic and well-considered aspects. Only when all the details have been carefully considered is it possible to appreciate the comfort, coziness and enjoyment of a well-earned rest. The Viola project is a good example of the great skill and ability of the architects to give an unusual appearance and meaning to run-of-the-mill construction details. The main construction features appear on the façade and, somewhat unexpectedly, become the main decorative feature. The crossing of horizontal and vertical lines creates a strict but simple pattern which is supplemented by the presence of different types of window. The unusual form of the roof gives a finished and rather laconic appearance to the house.
  • : 355,7 m2
  • : 314,7 m2
  • : 41 m2
  • : 20,9 x 11,9 m

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