Santa Claus lives in Rovaniemi Lapland!

Santa Claus from Lapland
Santa Claus is a frequent guest at ourhead office Kieppi in Santa Claus Office in Rovaniemi Finland.

Our head office Kieppi is situated near Santa Claus Office in Rovaniemi Finland. Santa Claus often pays us a visit. Read our interview with Finnish Santa!

Hello Santa Claus! Your name is known all around the world. But why are you called Joulupukki in Finland?

— Hello! I am called different names in different countries. When children come to me, they might call me Santa Claus, Babbo Natale, Père Noël, Ded Moroz, I don’t mind that at all! The important thing is they recognise who I am! In Finland my name literally means “Christmas goat”. There is a legend that in the old times there was a man who dressed in the red goat’s leather and entertained children and adults at Christmas time. Later these words became one. But for Finnish children I am know as the “old man of Christmas”.

Boy, you must be really old. How old did you say exactly?

— I don’t remember exactly. In my reindeer driving license it just says that I am very old and that’s that. As long as I remember myself, I have been living in Lapland, on the Korvatunturi fell. Its two peaks remind of small ears, and that is not a coincidence! “Korvatunturi” literally means the “Ear mountain”. That’s because here I can hear the children’s wishes exceptionally well. There, in a secret place, is situated my home.

So what is the secret of such a long age?

— I believe that it is my ability to see world as new and exciting, just like children do. Most of the people loose this ability when they grow up, but somehow I have still got it! I also like to spend a lot of time outdoors, close to nature. In winter I go skiing and in summer I pick up berries. They have so much vitamins in them! My home and my office in Rovaniemi are made out of Lappish pine and they say that the air in wooden houses is fresh and pure.

Northern Lights over Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi
Northern Lights over Santa Claus Office in Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. Photo by Alexander Kuznetsov.
So you live in Korvatunturi, but you go to work in Rovaniemi?

— I do not consider this as work. This is just what I do! Every day I meet a lot of people at my office in Rovaniemi. I am delighted that I have so many friends around the world! It is very difficult to find me at Korvatunturi, me and my elves have decided to make a place where anyone can meet me. We called this place Santa Claus Village. Every night I return home to Korvatuntri where Mrs Santa awaits me. In Finnish she is called “Joulumuori”. She takes care of my reindeer and my elves, does astronomy, plays oboe and cooks amazingly tasty cookies!

Santa Claus in his Office in Rovaniemi, Lapland.
Santa Claus in his Office in Rovaniemi, Lapland. Photo by Alexander Kuznetsov.

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