Scandinavien mit Garage

In this project, one of the most popular model designs of Finnish wooden house, Scandinavia with a Garage, is offered as a variation on a theme. Quite rightly the living room occupies the ‘heart of the house’ and exists on two levels. A very original idea came about in order to allow for as much light as possible to enter the space – the architect uses a transparent material on the overhang of the lower roof above the big window. As a result, the terrace is sheltered from bad weather and from the wind. The house has a clean outline and the living room is filled with light and air.
  • Hausfläche: 396,8 m2
  • Nutzfläche: 329,5 m2
  • Terrassen und Balkons: 20,7 m2
  • Abmessungen: 15,9 x 19 m2

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